What is a reticulation cut-in?

Reticulation systems

First thing first, reticulation cut-ins must be done by professional plumbers. Your irrigation system has to be compliant to Western Australia rules and regulations. If you are thinking about connecting your bore to your reticulation system, using mains supply or upgrading your irrigation system, then you might need a hand in getting it right.


The best way to place the reticulation cut-in is as close as you can to the mains water supply pipes. A retic cut-in is a manually operated tap to cut the flow of water to the irrigation system without affecting the water supply to the house. It has been a legal requirement since 2007 to have a ball valve and dual check valve connected to your master valve.The dual check valve will prevent contamination of your mains water supply. An expert in the field will be able to advise and perform the install properly.


A DIY job might be cheaper in the short term but this may end up costing you more than anticipated in the long run. Pipes damage, mains water supply contamination, burst pipes due to pressure are some of the issues resulting in high cost repairs. Nobody wants to come back from a relaxing holiday and find out that the garden or worse the house has been flooded during their absence!


At Beyond Reticulation, our in-house plumber can give you the best advice and provide the best solution for your reticulation cut-in installation and any repairs issues.


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