Watering days in Perth area

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We have said time and time again that water is precious and needs to be conserved. Climate change is affecting all of us. In those uncertain times, adaptation is the key for our success in water preservation and conservation. 

Perth, Western Australia has a very dry and hot climate. Our long hot summer doesn’t help the garden. The Water Corporation has devised a perfect solution to the problem. To find your best times and days to water your garden keep in mind that:

  • Scheme water users have a 2 day roster during the week based on the last digit of the street number where they can water their garden before 9am and after 6pm. If  there are no street numbers then the lot number is used. 
  • Bore water users have an extra day in the week – a 3 day schedule- where they can water their gardens but still before 9am and after 6pm. The same rule applies regarding street or lot numbers.

Follow the roster from the Water Corporation below to keep track of your watering schedule:

Perth Watering days

Last digit of street or lot numberScheme users 2 day rosterBore owners additional day
1Wednesday and SaturdayMonday
2Sunday and ThursdayTuesday
3Monday and FridayWednesday
4Tuesday and SaturdayThursday
5Sunday and WednesdayFriday
6Monday and ThursdaySaturday
7Tuesday and FridaySunday
8Wednesday and SaturdayMonday
9Sunday and ThursdayTuesday
0Monday and FridayWednesday

For example, if your address is 5/34 High street, your watering days based on your last digit number (in  this case 4) are Tuesdays and Saturdays. And if you have a bore add an extra day – Thursday.

Check your watering days here. 

Call us and we can adjust your watering days to suit the Water Corporation guidelines.


Can I water my garden outside my watering days?

It is not advised to water outside your watering rostered days. The guideline is 2 days a week for scheme water users and 3 days a week for bore water users.

Can I get a fine if I water outside my watering days?

Yes. Inspectors are out in force 7 days a week and all complaints are investigated, with $100 on the spot fines issued for breaches.

Can I apply for a water exemption for my new lawn or garden?

Yes, to establish your new lawn or garden, you can apply for a water exemption from the Water Corporation. This will give your garden the opportunity to get settled before reverting to the normal water scheduling of 2 days a week or for bore users 3 days a week.

Watering the garden more often will be considered as a sprinkler breach and fines may apply.

When can I apply for a water exemption?

  • Watering exemption starts on the day the lawn or garden is installed.
  • To ensure that you get the full period of exemption, apply on the day the new lawn or garden is being installed.
  • You can still apply for water exemption after a new lawn has been laid or a new garden has been set up. The exemption will be for the remainder of the period starting from the date the garden or lawn was installed.

How long is the exemption?

During Spring and Summer: 

The period is up to 42 days at a rate of : 3 times a day for the first 10 days, reducing to 2 x day for another 10 days , then 1 x daily for 7 days then once on alternate days for the remaining days.

During Autumn and Winter: 

The period is up to 35 days at a rate of:  2 x daily for the first 14 days, 1 x daily for the next 14 days and 1 x daily for the remaining days.

Follow the times strictly otherwise you may be in breach of your exemption and get a fine. And make sure that your reticulation controller is set to the correct times after the exemption.

What is the Winter sprinkler switch off?

During winter, your garden doesn’t need much water to thrive as most plants become dormant. Increase in rainfall, less evaporation and high humidity, render watering your garden superfluous hence the Winter Sprinkler  switch off. 

This applies to all Scheme water and Bore water users. It usually occurs between the 1st of July to 31st of August every year.

Can I test my reticulation system during winter sprinkler ban?

Yes, you or your professional reticulation technician can but only at the recommended times (before 9am or after 6pm) and on your watering days for a maximum of 2 minutes per station. 

Note that the professional irrigator can test your reticulation system on or outside the watering days and times.

DIY or professionally done, call Water Corporation to inform them of the testing and they will put a note on the system just in case someone reports a breach

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