Rethink water: Rainwater Harvesting in Perth

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Climate change is an issue that is fast becoming more relevant in our modern society. Perth has always had dry and hot weather and this is becoming increasingly evident when you look at the levels of water of our dams. Water as a precious resource is becoming increasingly rare with reduced rainfall going to the dams. This scarcity is leading many people towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

So what is this viable, new way of looking at how to best use rain water? Well the answer is simply Rainwater Harvesting! Collecting rainwater for the purpose of using it in the household is a wonderful notion. One of the best ideas regarding water sustainability is definitely a Rainwater Harvesting tank system! 

The idea of using rainwater to help us in our daily lives is not such a far fetched concept. Farmers in rural settings who are not connected to any scheme water supply have been using this system for years. Not only can rainwater be used for washing, cleaning and watering the garden to name a few but it can also be filtered and sanitised for drinking purposes.

It is only logical that this trend would reach urban expansion sooner or later. 

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Installing a rainwater collection tank is one of the best ways to manage your water efficiently. A rainwater harvesting tank in Western Australia allows you to save money as you become less dependent on scheme water supply.

The water quality for drinking purposes is ranked as good as mains water supply – if you intend to go further than watering your garden. And why not! Connected with the proper internal filtration and sanitation system, you have access to clean water right in your backyard. A supply of fresh drinking water for the rest of your life and the water is free!

There are different types of rainwater tanks that are available for varying uses and purposes. These are made from materials that have been approved and tested to meet very high industry standards. The most common tanks though are either steel or poly water tanks. Depending on how you intend to use the water, your location and climate, you can choose the size of tanks that will benefit your family and perfectly fit your plot size.

The system is very easy to maintain. In fact, it requires very little maintenance on your part. The main cleaning consists of emptying the gutter guards and filters attached to the top of the tank. These filters make sure that no debris/leaves or animals/insects get into the tank. The main tank itself needs cleaning and maintaining only every few years!

The conclusion? Rainwater harvesting is a very good investment if you are looking towards becoming sustainable and yes, eco friendly. Reduce your footprint and work towards a better future for all. A good rainwater harvesting system will last you and future generations for years to come.

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