Lawn alternatives make Perth garden fabulous!

Lawn Alternatives

The grass is always  greener on the other side they say! Fabulous green lush lawn. Traditional, natural lawn is a great addition to your property but usually takes up a lot of time to maintain and keep green. Weeding, fertilising, mowing etc are all the regular maintenance that need to be done for your lawn to remain healthy and thrive. We are not even talking about all the issues that can crop up with natural grass like brown patches or fungal infection!

Why are people looking for other alternatives to lawn? The thing is people nowadays are busy with their lives, kids and work. Who even has time to take care of the lawn over the weekend?

With most people in Perth trying to be sustainable and well, adjust to climate change and conserve water, there are other alternatives to green, green grass. We are going to show you most if not all of the alternatives to turf. Some may seem obvious while others not so much. So keep reading!

  • The most obvious turf replacement is of course, artificial or synthetic lawn. This quasi substitute to lawn is probably the closest you can get to your natural turf. Why? It is green! 

But unlike grass, it doesn’t require ongoing maintenance. No weeding, mowing or fertilising. What a dream… It is made of plastic but can be recycled if you choose the right product if you want to be environmentally friendly. You can kiss your lawn mower goodbye. The most you will have to do to keep your synthetic lawn in shape is a hose down when there is a spill or the family pet has accidentally been using it.

  • Other green options are native ground covers. They are tough, low maintenance and eco-friendly. They will promote a native ecosystem as well. Imagine butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects and wildlife. They are native to Australia so they will grow well in most areas, are drought tolerant and require less watering. 

Before choosing, just decide whether the space will be heavy, light or no traffic area and whether you are happy to give a bit of maintenance. Four of the best selections are found below but there are many more that can be used as ground cover:

  • Wallaby grass: widespread across the temperate areas of all Australian states. High drought and frost resistant . Produces white fluffy seed heads in spring and sometimes autumn. 
  • Weeping grass: cool climate grass, tolerant of frost and  dry conditions. Perhaps the most suitable native grass for the look of a natural lawn. It can be mown regularly and grows well in a wide variety of soils. Medium salt and shade tolerance with  low tolerance to heavy traffic and dog urine.
  • Kangaroo grass: one of the most common native grasses that  grows in every Australian state and territory. It literally grows everywhere. It will tolerate mowing at least twice a year. Foliage changes colour with season from  green to maroon, is high heat and drought tolerant and can withstand low to moderate frost.
  • Native Violet: tiny little violet flowers and green foliage, an evergreen perennial that spreads fairly slowly to a height of around 10cm high. They can be used as a lawn substitute in low traffic areas as they can stand some light foot traffic. Better still use the flowers in your salads or as decoration for cakes and the small leaves are edible as well!
  • Rocks and gravel: so easy to put together and you don’t even have to wait before using the garden. Make a feature out of both materials. Use the gravel for heavy traffic and use outdoor lights to enhance the feature you create. Your imagination has no limit. You can even pair these with easy care plants or bushes
  • Paving the area is another alternative to a natural green grass. Make it colourful and try patterns to make it playful and fun. The thing is that you will have to clear out the grass before laying the pavers. This is probably the only hard work! Easy to clean and repair. Make a seating area in the backyard and enjoy the area. Got kids, all their toys can fit: trampoline, monkey bars. No plants to water. Take back your  weekends!
  • Concrete is a great contender that will be exquisite, beautiful and nearly everlasting . The only downside is that it can be very costly depending on the dimension to be covered. If money is not an issue though, go for it. 

Very low to no maintenance, no watering or reticulation system. Once the concrete is down, you can sit back and relax. Use some garden lighting to highlight a water feature or an established tree. 

But the upside is, you can basically choose any type of concrete and any colour. So many selection to choose from: 

  • Honed concrete 
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Stamped concrete
  • Polished concrete

Food for thought? Yes, probably. The choices you make will depend on the (1) budget (2) How you envision your backyard (3) How you intend to use the garden (4) And last but not least the safety for the family. Once you have a clear idea of the above, you are ready to get the project started. 

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