Sprinkler Run Times in Perth: A Comprehensive Understanding

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In Perth, with its prolonged dry climate and the effects of climate change, maintaining a garden or lawn area can be challenging. Strict watering rules are in place, and understanding sprinkler run times is crucial. The recommended standard watering amount for your garden or lawn is 10mm.

In Perth,we have various seasonal adjustments that have to be followed. The total Winter Sprinkler Ban between the 1st of June to 31st of August, is where your reticulation system is switched off to conserve water because we have very low evaporation rates and lots of moisture in the soil. Not following the adjustments at your property can mean hefty fines from the Council.

Understanding your sprinkler run times is definitely a good start and allows you to know how much water you should be using during the other periods of the year. Depending on the type of sprinklers that have been installed for your system, you can schedule or time the correct sprinkler run times on your reticulation controller.

The 4 basic sprinkler heads listed below are the ones most used in Western Australia:

  • Pop-ups or fixed sprays.
  • Rotary spray heads
  • Dripline watering
  • Gears drive rotators

Perth Sprinkler Run times table. Check the Water Corporation guidelines here.

Sprinkler Heads types Watering rate per hourRecommended run-time for standard drink – 10mmRecommended run-time reduction
Pop-up/fixed sprays35-45mm13 – 16 minutes10 minutes
Rotary Sprinklers10-15mm40 – 60 minutes30 – 40 minutes
Dripline watering15-25mm30 – 40 minutes20 – 30 minutes
Gear drive rotators10-20mm30 – 40 minutes25 – 30 minutes

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