What are Tap Timers?

What Are Tap timers?

Tap timers are above ground irrigation controllers that are attached to your normal tap or hose faucet. Great idea when you need to water small spaces like patio plants, greenhouse or terraces. It is the best solution when you need a temporary reticulation set up or if the area is under pavers/concrete so not easily accessible and where it is not cost effective to do a proper retic install.


Keep all your areas well watered no matter where in the garden.



Key benefits of BTT:


  • Comes in 1 or 2 zones depending on the area you want to water.
  • Battery operated with bluetooth control via your smartphone. Option to have a lot of tap timers connected to your phone. Just set them up.
  • Different run times and start times available (from 1 second to 24 hours and 4 start times)
  • Has a cycling mode that allows the same irrigation setup to keep running for those special applications like seedling growth or drip systems. Manage your water efficiently.
  • Irrigation can be suspended for Perth sprinkler bans.
  • Auto shut off is activated after 1 hour usage to prevent water wastage.
  • Manual or smartphone operation for flexibility. The tap timer can also be manually operated with the push button timer on the device.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Secure the timer with a passcode to prevent unauthorised changes to irrigation schedules from your smartphone.
  • Easy to install with supplied coupler adapter and provided alkaline batteries with 2 years warranty.


Whether you need a temporary or a permanent solution, you can choose tap timers to suit all your specific applications. 


Watch the youtube video, courtesy of Hunter Industries for more information

BTT – Tap Timer 

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