The new rotators in town : Hunter MP rotator, Rainbird R-Van and Toro Precision nozzles

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The evolution of pop-up sprinkler systems has ushered in a new era of garden care, with innovative tools making smart watering more efficient than ever. Among the latest advancements are several key players that stand out in the industry. In this guide, we’ll delve into these leading pop-up sprinkler options, highlighting their unique features and how they align with the needs of modern gardeners, ensuring optimal results for every landscape



Advances in technology and the need to conserve more water especially here for our hot climate in Perth, have produced better sprinkler heads for the Irrigation industry and our reticulation system. The next generation and best designed rotators are now available on the market. The most popular pop-up sprinkler nozzles are the Hunter MP Rotators and the Rain Bird R-Van and the newest addition to the list are the Toro Precision nozzles. Using these nozzles, we can maximise our irrigation efficiency.


They are known as rotator sprinkler nozzles. Basically the water comes out in streams, then it rotates around the head of the nozzle in a fan-like spray to cover the area needed.


The benefits: 

  • They use around 30% to 35% less water.
  • They have a lower application rate with no water runoff. 
  • They use less water per nozzle thus enabling you to run more sprinklers at a time.
  • Save money with no runoffs and reduce the number of zones per area.
  • Allow a much better absorption into the soil because of the lower application rates: so water is gently absorbed by the soil and has time to reach the root system.
  • Not affected by wind as they produce bigger water droplets that are not scattered off into the wind or that are not watering the driveway or road.
  • They cover more range or distance meaning fewer sprinklers for maximum coverage of an area using a steady stream.
  • Less expensive once you put all the factors together: water saving, slower rate of application, fewer sprinklers usage and more range.
  • They are colour coded for ease of use.


The disadvantages:

  • Price per nozzle is higher than other spray type nozzles.
  • Different nozzles are required for various arcs

  • MP Rotator = 90°-210°, 210°-270°, 360°
  • R-Van = 45°-270°, 360°
  • Toro = six different arcs between 90° and 360°

Photo Credit: Hunter Industries


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What are the main differences between the three nozzles:

Hunter MP Rotator

  • They are installed onto any standard spray head body or shrub adapter. 
  • They provide high consistency in water distribution.
  • Low precipitation rate sprinklers at any arc, pattern types or radius.
  • MP Rotator comes in arcs of 90-210, 210-270, 360 needs more nozzles to cover arc/radius/spray pattern.
  • Can be used for a new  system or can be retro fitted.

     Rain Bird R-Van

  • The R-VAN delivers the most effective space coverage requiring 33% less run time.
  • Makes installation,adjustments to arcs and maintenance faster and easier. 
  • Has a pull-to flush mechanism that helps with easy cleaning.
  • Compatible with all models of Rain Bird spray bodies, risers and adapters.
  • Three year trade warranty.
  • R-Van comes in arcs of 45-270, 360 – has only 2 types of nozzles to cover arc/radius/spray patterns.


    Photo Credit: Rain Bird



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    Toro Precision Nozzles

  • Pressure compensating device to maintain optimal performance at pressures above 276kPa.
  • Using patented technology and no moving parts, water expands and collapses inside the H²O chip creating high-frequency oscillating streams to achieve the desired arc and radius. 
  • Less sensitivity to high pressures helps create uniform water droplets. Provide uniform watering and wind resistance, reducing irrigation of driveways and water run-offs.
  • Durable construction: built to last.

  • The lower flow rate maximises design efficiency and saves material costs by using fewer valves and less reticulation controller stations. Existing systems with low pressure can    be fixed with a simple retrofit of the existing high-flow nozzles.
  • Male & female threaded models available.         
Photo credit: Toro Australia

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