Types of Reticulation Systems Perth.

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Water is vital for your plants. In our Western Australian/ Perth climate, with  our long, dry and hot summers, it can be hard to keep the garden going strong, healthy and green. To ensure a proper reticulation system installation, it all comes down to making the right decisions from the beginning and asking the right questions:


  • Which type of reticulation suits my needs? 
  • What are the components I need to install a proper waterwise reticulation system? 
  • How do I check my water flow and pressure accurately?
  • How do I plan and install the proper reticulation system?
  • DIY or professional? 

This can be a challenge even for the most passionate gardeners . To help you with an understanding and knowledge of how a reticulation system works, we have compiled below two types of reticulation systems that help Perth keep its gardens lush, green, healthy and thriving.


  • Drip Reticulation system

As the name suggests, Drip reticulation system allows water  to be fed directly to the plants through the opening/outlets in the piping system. The reticulation system consists of pipes running underground or under mulch or subsurface. This type of irrigation disperses water in a controlled manner ensuring that water is used wisely, efficiently and with minimal to no wastage. These qualities make the drip system extremely effective and water wise especially here in Perth.

The high efficiency of drip irrigation results from two primary factors:


  • The water is absorbed into the ground before it evaporates or runs off.
  • The water is only applied at the plant’s roots rather than sprayed everywhere which prevents water wastage and makes this a waterwise solution.

Pros/Cons of Drip Systems

Less water evaporation as it lays underground so water has time to soak into the soil.Can be costly to buy and set up depending on the design and area to cover.
Water directly to roots. No water wastage hence water wise.Pipes can get clogged over time if substandard pipes are used.
Can work with lower water pressure. 
Can avoid diseases problems on leaves since water goes to the plant’s root system. 

A typical drip retic system needs about 25 psi of water pressure to work at its best, but many emitters rated at 25 psi will work well at pressures as low as 15 psi. The water flow will be slightly less but this can be made up with longer watering times.

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  • Sprinkler reticulation systems

Sprinkler systems are used for covering large, flat areas of grass or lawn on a property that require a lot of water at once. It is usually installed underground using polypipes and pop up sprinkler heads/nozzles out of the way of lawn mowers, driveways, kids or animals. 

Pop up sprinklers is the traditional method used in reticulation systems – besides using the watering can! Pop ups are usually placed around your lawn using underground pipes ensuring maximum coverage of all areas and watering is achieved from overhead spraying of water. 

For eg Rotator type sprinklers such as  Hunter MP rotators are efficient and flexible. They deliver water at a slower rate than other pop ups and also require less pressure and flow to work hence more of them can work at the same time to cover the area. 


Pros/Cons of Sprinkler Systems

Affordable and simple to install and run.Diseases  and other problems on leaves since water goes overhead.
Using the right reticulation controllers it is an  efficient way to water your garden.Overhead spraying leads to water wastage  – verge, roads, driveways
Can work with high and  low water pressure.It can lead to overwatering if not set up properly
Ideal for large, flat areas of lawn.You need prolonged watering to cater for the deeper parts of the plants – root system 
Covers a big areas properly like football grounds or garden lawn 

Nowadays, with waterwise reticulation controllers that have Wi-Fi capabilities, you can control, adjust, manage and water your plants according to the strict restrictions in place in Perth. 

Both reticulation systems, of course, work with other components or parts to make watering  a breeze and stress-free. Some of the main elements required for a properly functioning reticulation system are outlined below:


Reticulation Controllers: can be SMART!

Nowadays, there are loads of options when it comes to retic controllers. Some are water wise reticulation controllers that will allow water management – set up watering days and time, modify or stop watering as needed.

The control panel is easy to use with dials or push buttons and some can also incorporate a Wi-Fi module to make monitoring and managing the system easy from any location around the world. (reference to Reticulation controllers page)


Solenoid Valves and boxes: the driving force

Solenoid valves are control units which can either shut off the reticulation system or allow water to flow through. They are usually covered with Valve Boxes for protection and for ease of access during maintenance.


A network of underground pipes is used for carrying water in a reticulation system. Different pipe sizes are available for different uses. Beyond’s professional reticulation technicians will know which size will fit your job. The pipes are usually placed into trenches and they will connect all your sprinkler heads to your water supply.



Emitters (also called pop-up sprinklers, micro sprinklers, bubblers etc) are the components that will be spraying or supplying water to your garden in each specific zone or location as pre-programmed by the Reticulation technician via your water wise reticulation controller. (refer to Nozzles and sprinklers page)



The fact is everyone’s watering needs are different. It all depends on the space/area to cover, what type of soil, your established plants and other features. Your garden might benefit from one or both of these reticulation systems or maybe you just need a drip irrigation system for your garden. 

Whatever your specific needs, small or large areas, Beyond Reticulation has experts in the field and the knowledge to install the best reticulation system option for you. We can help with all the decision making, planning and the reticulation system installation. We will use the best waterwise products in the industry ensuring your peace of mind.

Just give us a call to book a personalised quote and get the ball rolling!

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