Perth Winter Sprinkler Ban: Why it matters?

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Perth Winter Sprinkler Ban: Why it matters?


Perth, the vibrant capital city of Western Australia, is known for its beautiful landscapes, lush gardens, and stunning parks. However, due to climate change, we are facing significant challenges worldwide in terms of water scarcity. To address the issue and promote sustainable water in WA, the Winter Sprinkler Ban was introduced.



Understanding the Winter Sprinkler Ban:


It’s Winter and your garden needs less water to grow and thrive as at this time of the year, most plants lay dormant. The reasons why the winter sprinkler ban or switch off is compulsory and watering your garden becomes superfluous are:


  1. Increase in rainfall- wetter days/nights. 
  2. less evaporation so the soil remains wet.
  3. high humidity creating moisture for the plants enough to keep them going till Spring when they come back to life.


Implemented by the Water Corporation, it restricts the use of sprinklers and irrigation systems during the winter months from 1st June to 31st August every year. The ban prohibits the use of automated sprinklers for all schemes and bore waters, commercials, businesses and residentials, your local parks,  in Perth, Mandurah, and some parts of the South West and Great Southern. It aims to reduce water consumption, preserve water supplies, and protect the environment.


Not abiding to the restrictions and getting caught watering your gardens within that period can result in getting a $100 fine.


When can I water my garden during the Winter Sprinkler Ban?


  • For all new lawns or gardens.

For new lawns or gardens, you will need to apply for a watering exemption. It will allow you to water your property outside of the watering schedule, to help it establish and grow. Follow the conditions and make sure you get a confirmation for the exemption.


  • Testing my reticulation system during winter sprinkler ban

Yes, it can be done but the watering exemption still applies.Testing for leaks, repairing your existing system or for a new install, you can do this before 9am or after 6pm and ONLY on your specific watering days for 2 minutes maximum per station. Or find a reputable waterwise reticulation expert.Just a note that a professional can test your irrigation system on or outside your watering days and times.


Getting it done yourself or DIYing? Inform Water Corporation of the reticulation testing just in case someone reports a breach and be in the safe zone. They will put a note in the system regarding works being done at the property.

Click on the link below for more information or if you are looking at applying for a watering exemption


What are the benefits of the Winter Sprinkler Ban?


  • Environmental Impact: 

The winter sprinkler ban contributes to reducing the overall environmental impact of water usage in Perth. Conserving water helps mitigate the strain on natural water sources and reduces energy consumption associated with water treatment and distribution.


  • Promoting Responsible Water Usage: 

The ban encourages residents to adopt responsible water usage habits and plays an active role in reducing water consumption. These collective efforts translate into significant and much needed water savings for WA.


  • Shifting Mindsets: 

The ban also acts as an incentive for changing mindsets and behaviors concerning water usage and its impact on the environment. It helps residents recognise the importance of sustainable practices and encourages them to adopt water-efficient technologies and appliances. By embracing such changes, the community demonstrates its commitment to conserving water and contributes to a more resilient and waterwise Perth for future generations to come.


Let us all contribute to creating a greener, more sustainable world! Be Smart, Be Waterwise


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