Outdoors at night, light up the garden.

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The allure of a garden shouldn’t be confined to daylight. With the right outdoor light solutions, your garden can transition from a sunlit sanctuary to a nocturnal paradise. Beyond just aesthetics, the right lighting ensures safety, functionality, and sets the perfect ambience. In this guide, we’ll delve into the nuances of outdoor light, helping you extend the beauty of your garden into the evening hours


Many Australians love their outdoor area. It is the place where families gather for a BBQ or to enjoy the pool on those long,hot summer days. With longer daylight hours, we can optimise the use of the backyard. But with shrinking backyard sizes, we have to be very creative to make the best use of the smaller space. Illuminating your garden in the right places will make your backyard feel bigger and yes better!


One of the easiest things you can do to improve your landscape design is to use outdoor lights. Easy and practical. The magic comes out as it gets darker and well into the night. Keep family and friends outdoors for longer no matter which season it is!  Maximise your outdoor entertaining.


Nowadays, you have different lighting options available on the market for all your landscape needs: DIY, string lights, solar or low voltage lights – spike light or bollards, in-ground or mounted on walls or trees.


Using low voltage, wired-in garden lights though will be your best decision ever. Why? They usually last longer, look good day or night, light up where you need them and LED bulbs are cost efficient and eco-friendly. Some of our recommendations are:


  • Spike lights: brighten up some garden features: trees, water features or metal sculptures or garden art. The good thing with these kinds of lights is that: they will highlight the chosen feature and can be angled to cheer up different parts of the feature.


  • Bollards: Modern and solid, these can make a bold statement in your garden. Bollards will cover large or small areas easily depending on the size you choose. Can also be used for pathways, driveways or pool areas.


  • Wall mounted light fixtures will uplight your dining area or al-fresco area where overhead lights might be too bright.


But winters are not forgotten in the pursuit of lighting up the garden any time of the year. Nothing says winter like a lit up fireplace cheerily crackling away or the outdoor seating area around the fire pit that invites people to snug up and have a good, relaxing time. 


Placed in the midst of your garden, a firepit (did somebody say marshmallow cookout?) or a fireplace can be a stunning feature. Not only will they bring some cheeriness to the garden setting but you can cosy up and wile the night away. They will also shed some toned down outdoor light on other parts of your landscape. So either one is a perfect choice for those who can afford the space.


Being able to choose the right light fixtures comes with knowing what you would like to brighten, where you want the focus and what are the choices available. The options are endless. We can guide you in all your garden lighting endeavours. 


Contact us today for your  personalised lighting design. We can create the atmosphere that will allow you to entertain any season day or night.

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