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It’s not always easy to keep an eye on the reticulation especially for busy people going about the usual tasks and activities. The reticulation system is usually something set up (hopefully by a professional) and forgotten until we actually notice an issue with the way it’s been running! For example, a dry patch of lawn or dead plants could be signs that the system needs a bit of an adjustment. Iif major – water puddles, non stop water flow etc – a proper re-assessment of the system to make it waterwise. Easy? Well yes.


There are some things that you can do to maintain your plants and lawn in top shape or prepare the garden for the summer or spring months. The work starts with YOU! These self assessments will help your reticulation technician out when he attends to check on the issues at hand. If you don’t know, that is not an issue either as your friendly tech will go through the whole testing of the system to pinpoint the problem. But the following may help you level up your investigative skills


Some are very easy to detect and others not so much. Visually assessing your retic may be the best thing you’ve done in a little while for your lawn. Most above ground issues can be detected this way…no use for any specific skills. Why? Because looking out in the garden and seeing where the problem sprinklers are, is the first step in the process for fault finding. Any sprinklers looking like they don’t pop up or are stuck when the system if running? Or a dry patch of grass? Dead or dying plants? Mark their location. 




  1. Above ground issues:


-Water spouting out like geysers is another one that you can’t miss. It could just be a sprinkler head that has popped out due to water pressure. It happens. Finding it and refitting it may solve the problem but if it doesnt, then a replacement pop up may be needed. This is an easy fix if you have spares or a retic supplier can help with the parts needed.


-Sometimes puddles in the garden may indicate a pipe or riser issue and potential leak. This is when you call us to deal with the problem at hand. But you can help by putting your controller on the “Off” position until dealt with. It could also be a sprinkler that has come dislodged and just need refitting.


-It’s been a few years and never had an inspection or a service or can’t remember when the system was last serviced. Now is the time to get this sorted and out of the way. Make your irrigation waterwise and ready for the sunnier months. Your garden will thank you and you will be able to enjoy it as much as possible.


-Controller out of whack and watering at odd times of the day or night? This is an easy fix depending on the age of your controller. Sometimes, they are too old to repair or use, then the only option is to change it for a new one that will do the job better. There are smart controllers that will allow you to control them via bluetooth, wifi and app form your phone. Anywhere in the world! That’s smart!




  1. Underground issues can arise and are not detectable as per above method:


-The following issues will need a specialist to sort out. Not saying you are not able to do it but it will probably be quicker and cheaper to have a proper reticulation professional attend to the task. The good thing with this is depending on your system set up, you can be eligible for a water corp leak allowance. So if you are having higher than usual water bills, it pays to look into it further.


– Faulty solenoid valves or master solenoid valves will need a specialist to repair or replace.Or not sure what the issue is? A reticulation technician will be able to trace and track the issues and fix them on the spot.


-Water not coming out or with very low pressure hence coverage is not the greatest. This may indicate pipes broken and leaking underground, broken sprinkler head or clogged up with sand and debris. Give us a call today for a free consultation and quote to fix. We can assess and find the best retic system for your property, give advice and best of all it’s free!



So when do you contact US? Anytime! We can come for a minor repair and advise if a better option ia available out there and will suit you property. We can come for a leak fix and retic serviced and set it up to the best usage possible. If you’d like your retic to perform at its best and reduce your level of stress when it comes to a thriving garden and best watering schedule, then let the professionals in. We will give you peace of mind and you can rely on us to give you the best service. Call us today!

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