Rain and soil moisture sensors = Smart Watering!

Smart Watering

Water is the lifeblood of any garden, but knowing when and how much to water can sometimes be a guessing game. Smart watering systems, powered by rain and soil moisture sensors, are transforming this guesswork into a precise science. Join us as we explore the benefits of these innovative tools, ensuring your garden gets the perfect amount of hydration every time.


Perth is getting drier every year due to climate change. What can we do to help? Take  your water management to the next level by installing a smart irrigation system with the appropriate sensors. It makes perfect sense since 40% of the water usage at home is in the garden.


What are watering sensors?

Well, water sensors are little devices that attach to your waterwise reticulation controller system to make it more efficient and to make you a water conservation hero. They use either Wi-Fi or they can be wired into your smart irrigation controller and can be set up and managed via your smartphone. 

The sensors simply detect rainfall amounts and other local weather conditions like temperature and moisture in the air and soil. They automatically cut off your usual watering schedule until the sensor has dried out which then triggers the automatic retic system to water again. A simple and effective way to conserve valuable water. 



Attach the rain and moisture sensors to your fence or guttering system – basically any part of the house where it will be able to gather rain fall and your soil moisture sensors in the ground. Connect these to your smart retic system and you are done!

Whether wireless or wired, the connection is simple and easy. These sensors will prevent over watering of your garden as they will only reactivate your normal watering schedule when they cannot detect moisture. If in doubt, call us!

Get to know your garden better and save water and money in the process with soil moisture sensors and rain sensors!


Any specifications?

Check before you buy!! Not all irrigation controllers are made the same unfortunately. Get the best advice on the sensors that will work with your irrigation system and make you save water and dough. Sadly, some sensors will only work with their specific brand name reticulation controllers. For example the Hunter Rain-Clik will only be adapted to the Hunter irrigation controllers.

Contact us for more information.


Any Universal Sensors out there?

Luckily, there are! Find below 2 universal sensors that will make your smart retic controller smarter! They allow you to connect to most systems and to control/manage your watering accordingly.

  • The RSD Series Rain Sensor easily connects to most irrigation system controllers that have Wi-fi capabilities. They offer flexible options, with quick and easy settings and adjustments. Just twist the dial to set-up.
 Photo credit: Rain Bird   

rainmaster reticulation controllers

  • The K-Rain Universal wireless rain-freeze sensor 

The K-Rain Universal Rain Sensor Receiver in combination with a K-Rain Wireless Rain Freeze Sensor can be paired with nearly any manufacturer’s reticulation controller – providing a cost-effective way to add a wireless rain sensor to almost any irrigation system.

Photo credit: K-Rain


bunnings reticulation controller


What are Benefits of rain and soil moisture sensors?

  • Checking soil conditions, soil temperature and rainfall to prevent overwatering the garden.
  • Easy to use and manage.
  • The sensors will manage the watering schedule and timing depending on the weather conditions. You don’t have to adjust your reticulation controller.
  • Enjoy a lush, green  and healthier landscape/ garden while saving water.
  • Reduce water bill, save money.
  • Being add-ons, simply add to a compatible reticulation controller, connect and reap the benefits. Or use a universal sensor.
  • Weather resistant and robust for outdoor use.
  • Pays for itself in the long term.


Life is usually made so much better with automation, don’t you think? Being water wise made easy and straightforward. Your reticulation controller connected to the correct sensor – rain or soil sensors – will give you more control of your watering schedule without lifting a little finger. Your garden and your wallet will thank you. 

You cannot go wrong with these sensors but in case you do have any issues or encounter problems, please feel free to contact us.

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