Subiaco, embrace the heritage township.

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Lounging along the famous Rokeby Road, Subiaco is an inner suburb close to Perth CBD. Subiaco is culturally active with charming heritage houses and architecture from the 1900’s. Subiaco is also home to chic little cafés, trendy bars and fine dining restaurants. 

Although Subiaco has designer apartments and high rises, the established homes still have nice little courtyards with quaint cottages and those lucky enough to have a house with a big backyard. 


reticulation repairs near Subiaco

In such a heritage feel suburb, a lot could go off the mark when planning a garden. The right choice of plants is a paramount factor to define your personal space. The right reticulation experts will also be an asset to your garden set up. 

Beyond Reticulation can help you make the right choices from the beginning. Create your bespoke garden with our expertise. We will plan, create the perfect garden design and reticulation system to suit your budget and ideas. Our experienced team will keep your garden thriving season after season with minimal effort.

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