Mount Pleasant, nestled between the river and Ardross!

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Mount Pleasant forms part of the City of Melville. It is close to some of the major shopping centres in Perth, health clubs and has the Swan river on its western border. Mount Pleasant is known for its grand historic houses with amazing views of the river. The suburb has large avenues bounded by majestic, green oaks. 

Mount Pleasant is the place in Perth where rowing first started back in 1887. It still has to this day the Swan River Rowing club along the river bank. Just off the river, The Esplanade is a wonderful drive along the meandering water’s edge with beautiful vistas and multitude stopping points.

Families love the area for the vast green parks, walking and biking trails and the café dotting the shoreline. This is where family and friends alike can relax and take in the breathtaking views off the river while enjoying a quiet BBQ and watching the kids play.


reticulation repairs near mount pleasant

Like most of the other suburbs around Perth, water usage is always one of the main concerns. Usually, residents have a good idea of how to maintain their garden and verge. The inhabitants enjoy lots of living spaces in a quiet, leafy suburb.

Establishing or creating a garden in a suburb with character can be a challenging task. So where to start when it comes to reticulation or gardening? Which plants to use? What design? It can be confusing! At Beyond Reticulation, we have the know-how.

Beyond Reticulation can help you with the design of the perfect reticulation system that will make your life easier and allow you to enjoy the best the suburb has to offer.  

We can help with:


  • The design or redesign of your garden,
  • Landscaping designs.
  • The maintenance of your garden.
  • Your reticulation system installation or upgrade to the existing irrigation system.

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