Floreat, the prosperous one!

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Derived from Latin meaning to “flourish” or “prosper”, Floreat is a booming little inland town which forms part of the City of Cambridge. Floreat is close to a lot of sporting facilities, we can actually say that the suburb lives and breathes sport with the HQ of Rugby WA, WA Athletics Stadium and the Floreat Oval. Easy access to beaches, parks and public transport makes Floreat the best inner burb in town.

With an abundance of lake side walks, local bushland and shaded lawn areas ready for picnics, BBQs, your weekends are fun again! Professionals, families, couples or singles alike will all find their little corner of paradise with the good-sized properties dotting the suburb. 


reticulation repairs near floreat

The green thumbed home gardener will have a good understanding of the benefits of a garden and how a reticulation system can assist. The garden is not only to enhance the property, its design helps to create the perfect green haven on your doorstep. The less passionate home owners might require help to organise and create a unique landscape that will be easy to maintain. 

At Beyond Reticulation, we have the know-how with years of experience to help you build your dream garden.

Beyond Reticulation can design and implement a tailor-made, fully automated, landscaped garden. Be it a new or established build, we can work with you to find the best solution to suit you and your family.

With our years of experience in the reticulation field, our qualified reticulation technicians and our “Customer First” approach, we will make a garden you can be proud of.

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