Crawley, sanctuary in the City of Perth

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Crawley is a suburb located in the south west side of Perth CBD, the capital city of Western Australia. It is not too far from the city centre, just under 5 kms. Known as Crawley Park in the early 1900’s, it was named after Henry Charles Sutherland’s mother’s maiden name.

Part of the western suburbs – titled the “Golden triangle” – including Dalkeith and Nedlands, these suburbs are considered the “crème de la crème”. The best suburbs in town with amazing riverfront mansions, private schools and all close to the river.

The Crawley Edge Boatshed is a popular site and regularly photographed location in Crawley. Eliza is another well-known figure located in this suburb. The statue  is usually dressed up by locals to represent special occasions. Famous for sunset watching and grassy riverside with trendy cafés and eateries.

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