Vertical Garden in Perth – greener is better

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One of the new trends in town is the Vertical garden. First invented by Patrick Blanc, French botanist who loved experimenting with plants and the way they grow and how to grow them. Some of his best works are found around the world. Closer to home though is The MONA, Hobart, Tasmania has a fabulous display of plants or the Qantas lounge in Sydney and Melbourne.

Nowadays , it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the large garden space for a formal garden anymore. Going vertical is the best solution for those who would like to go green but don’t have the space for example in city dwellers. Wall garden or living walls is another way to describe this incredible, ingenious way to think about gardens. 

The choice is yours when it comes to what to grow, indoor or outdoor.  Make a herb garden, a veggie garden, a succulent display, a tropical paradise or be more colourful and create a visual flowering masterpiece. The sky’s the limit! 

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Perth has a notoriously dry and hot climate with windy conditions. Saving water is essential when thinking about any projects involving growing plants so that they thrive and grow. Usually, your vertical garden comes with a reticulation system ready to be installed and only needs to be connected. A professional can set the system up for you in the blink of an eye.

Unlike a formal flat/horizontal garden, creating a vertical garden means that you can let the plants grow and thrive as they will. For example ferns or other foliage can grow lush and green and wild but it is easier to trim and maintain these as they are growing vertically. The best vertical wall garden system setup is the one that requires little maintenance and that will help save water at the same time.

Some benefits of Vertical walls. 


  • Save money on buying fruits, herbs and veggies and more importantly know what is in the food you are growing. Fresh is best with no nasties.
  • Save water as each vertical pot waters the pots beneath it. No overwatering and now wastage.
  • Purify the air with a green wall, lower your carbon footprints and be sustainable.
  • Get back some privacy from your nosy neighbours! The plants grow high up creating a wall that will afford you some much needed privacy.
  • Noise reduction for those city dwellers who would like some peace and quiet.
  • Temperature control, less air-con usage. It has a cooling effect.
  • Creates a beautiful and peaceful space indoors or outdoors.
  • Best of all, vertical planters are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly. 
  • Looks stunning when you get it right: all this greenery is bound to make some people” green with envy”!

Appreciate nature and reconnect with your inner self. Reduce stress and increase your ability to perform better by surrounding yourself with nature. Go Green! It is a simple idea that has a lot of benefits. You don’t even need to have a green thumb. The set-up is simple, aesthetic and beautiful!

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