Importance of flushing your reticulation pipes

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You will find a lot of information about flushing out your reticulation pipes on the internet. Some are more complicated than others but all with the same goal: removal of debris, sand, soil etc from the system. With spring/summer just around the corner, now is probably the best time to get this job out of the way. But why all the noise about flushing your pipes? It will not do to have your nozzles blocked by grains of sand, twigs and other debris that have managed to get in the pipe during the Perth sprinkler ban. 


Properly flushing the reticulation system after it has been installed is one of the most important steps you will undertake. It is usually easy to do but can be a neglected part of the  overall job. You or your professional irrigation contractor did not let anything get into the pipes at the system install, right?  But whether it was done or not, the pipes should still be flushed to remove any hint of sand, soil, debris etc. Prevention is better than cure they say!


The worst thing to happen with your new reticulation system installation is blocked nozzles and sprinkler heads needing replacement. Why? Because they have been damaged by sand and silt as flushing has been bypassed. How did it get there? The answer is from your mains water supply!

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So how to do it?


  • Sprinkler heads should be off the risers when flushing. Use a flush cap to clear the system of sand and debris. A flush cap will keep the pressure and flow going in the irrigation system. Make sure that the risers are sticking up and out so that when you stop flushing the pipes, the water can’t run back to the pipes. 
  • It’s easier to pull the riser and screw on the flush cap. Leave without a nozzle or filter if you are not using a flush cap.
  • Run for 15-20 seconds.
  • Flush one zone at a time for a few minutes. 
  • Then flush all of your other sprinklers one at a time. That’s right, you will have to flush each and every one of those sprinklers. Run each for at least 20  seconds.
  • After flushing has been done, unscrew the flush cap and fit the nozzles and filters back on the risers. Make sure that you have rinsed out the filters before putting them in to avoid issues.

Benefits of flushing:


  • Prevents broken, damaged or clogged sprinkler heads.
  • Saves money by not having to replace damaged parts.
  • Better water distribution as pipes are clean.

As always if you are in doubt about how to go ahead with repairs or servicing your reticulation and suspect that something is wrong, call the experts in Perth to fix your issues. Beyond Reticulation is here to help you with any maintenance and services.


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