Piara Waters and Harrisdale, family living and more!

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Piara Waters and Harrisdale are new suburbs accommodating family life with lots of schools, parks and sporting facilities. The highlights are of course its parks and recreational facilities. Close to Cockburn and located approximately 20 kilometres south-southeast of Perth, it is a great place to establish your family. 

Piara Waters and Harrisdale areas have been aimed towards building affordable housing for growing families allowing sustainable living with lots of green spaces.

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To arrive to this stage, the swampy terrain had major earthworks done in most areas to comply to building standards. Sand or clean fill was added as defined by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. What was once rich, lush soil is now buried under meters of poor sandy soil. 

Achieving a sustainable and inspiring landscape design takes time and effort. Waterwise plants options are available in Western Australia to create your garden space. The experts at Beyond Reticulation are here to help you on your journey with a stress-free solution tailored to your expectations.

Beyond Reticulation can plan, create and implement the perfect reticulation system that will make your life a breeze. Set and forget! The garden design will allow maintenance with minimal effort.

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