Cannington and Riverton: The Shopping Hubs!

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On the fringe of Canning River, Cannington and Riverton are the hubs when it comes to shopping. With the Westfield Carousel in Cannington and Stockland Shopping centre on High Road, just around the corner, these suburbs are the place to be if you like a vibrant lifestyle and shopping. You can always find an event that will delight everyone.

Pair this with fantastic recreational facilities, restaurants/pubs, schools, libraries, varied grocery stores – Asian, Indian, South African -, markets all within reach, families have heaps of options to entertain themselves. The regional parks and reserves offer picnic facilities and various walking or biking tracks great for any level of fitness. Cannington-10.jpg


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Homes in these suburbs are set in various sized blocks, some are established riverside mansions and other new builds. Whether properties are big or small, all successful gardens rely on the following:

  • Knowledge of your soil
  • Proper plant selection
  • Adequate watering
  • The garden’s aspect

At Beyond Reticulation, we have experience dealing with gardens of any size. We will make the process stress free. We work closely with our customers to suit their site requirements, budget and ideas. We have experienced reticulation technicians, in house horticulturists and landscapers to help you with your dream garden design. We guarantee that your reticulation system and landscaping will work for years to come and will give you free time to enjoy life. 

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