Types of Nozzles & Sprinkler heads for Reticulation Systems in Perth.

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In the intricate world of reticulation systems, nozzles stand out as pivotal components that determine water distribution efficiency. With various designs and functionalities, understanding the right nozzle type for your system can significantly enhance watering precision and garden health. In this guide, we’ll unveil the intricacies of different nozzle types and how they work with sprinkler heads to achieve optimal irrigation results.


Perth is a very dry region and rains are rare. The hot and dry wind from the northeast can become really intense, with highs above 40 °C. Lawns and gardens are especially vulnerable during this time.


There are multiple factors that may affect reticulation system designs in Perth. The choice of the right sprinkler heads and nozzles at the start is a must to achieve your water wise, healthy garden.


The factors to take into consideration when planning a proper reticulation system are:

  • Area or space that needs to be covered – is it narrow, long, wide, flat or sloping? Mostly lawn or includes landscaping or other garden features?
  • Water pressure and flow available at the property will give an idea of which types of sprinkler heads to use. 
  • Landscape designs or location – any curves, straight lines, mature trees, landscaping features.
  • Where you are located: beachside or inland? Which types of soil: clay or sand?

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Pop-ups sprinkler heads:

The most common and versatile types of sprinkler heads used in the industry for various types of spaces – large areas like golf courses, lawn areas or garden beds at home…The water pressure pops up the head and supplies water into the air to cover your garden area. Easy to install and maintain and as they retract, are not a trip hazard . But pop-up sprinklers cause a lot of water wastage with significant  water run-offs.


Micro sprinkler/spray heads

They are ideal for watering specific parts of the garden with little wastage or water loss and very low run-offs. They can operate at low water pressure. They are a great option for smaller garden beds and an economical watering solution.

Micro sprinklers give a soft, fine spray directly on the plants and have a variety of spraying patterns for localized irrigation. They are easy to install and maintain.


Rotary heads:

As the name suggests, the head spins and sprays water in a circular arc. They can spray and distribute water in multiple directions with their adjustable nozzles. They have a slow rate of water dispersion making it an efficient way to water your garden. They can save up to 30% on your water usage.

Rotary sprinkler heads keep your garden watered with no over-watering or brown spots resulting in healthier lawns and gardens.


Rotor heads:

These heads are pretty similar to the Rotary Heads. Rotor sprinkler heads have multi-stream action. Water is applied in a circular motion in half, full or quarter cycles.

The rotor sprinkler heads are adjustable to suit your water needs. They can cover more area than traditional pop up sprinklers and since water droplets are bigger, there is a reduction in windblown overspray. They also promote even coverage of the area. They also work well in low pressure areas.



Bubblers are most often used to water smaller areas e.g. around trees, pots and shrubs where traditional sprinkler head / pop ups would spray water where it is not needed. They provide set amounts of water required in a specific area.

The water-efficient bubblers distribute low volume water streams using a circular motion in either full, half, or quarter patterns. They are designed for deep watering of garden beds or trees.


They keep a constant water flow at any pressure level. This means that water is distributed in an efficient manner. They do not overspray and water run-offs are usually kept to a minimum.


Taking in all the key factors and variation of sprinkler heads and nozzles outlined above, it can be an overwhelming task to identify the best solution for the garden. 


Beyond Reticulation can advise and will factor in all these considerations. With a team of professional retic technicians, we can quote for a new system install or upgrade the existing reticulation system. We work with the best products in the irrigation industry so you can have peace of mind.

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